Ikarno is a world leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and chipset. From its own high quality products, to OEM/ODM for customers.ndustry insiders have learned that Ikano is their ‘Trusted Partner’. Our mission is to become your “Trusted Partner” by providing innovative solutions, exceptional performance, quality, service and value.. The team can rapidly and accurately complete projects’ development according to customer demands. Successful development cases are: 40-200 watts TC e-cigarettes, Bluetooth e-cigarettes and etc., R & D program brand is named IKARNO. We can provide from the electronic circuit design, Layout PCB, software development, prototype debugging, production services, after-sales services and other products service.

As a solution provider and manufacturer, we focus all our efforts in becoming your “Trusted Technology Partner” by bringing innovative and cost-efficient solutions for your electronic cigarettes. This is not a slogan but a commitment we live by each and every day:


• Be reliable and transparent. (We are candid and we mean what we say)

• Be dependable ( We meet our commitments )

• Be trusted. (We work together to deliver the best product for your application.)

• Be able. (Know your business and how our products can improve your business. We share in your success and failures. Your business is our business.)

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