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AETHON TC100 Product SpecificationSize: 76*17*1.2mm Standby current:less than 5uA Output mode: tempe

AETHON TC100 Product Specification

Size: 76*17*1.2mm
Standby current
less than 5uA
Output mode

150~315℃, 5 increments
600°F 5°F increments
6.0~100.0W, 0.5W increments
0.86mm OLED
Maximum output current
Battery Indicator
green3.75+ yellow3.74~3.60red3.60-
Under voltage protection
3.5 V
Timeout protection
Short circuit protection
Recommended atomizer
above 0.1ohmOrdinary type,0.1-0.2ohmNi,0.1-0.5ohm(Ti) ,0.2-1.0ohm(Stainless Steel) 
Battery Specification
built-in two battery 922565 parallel connection 3.7V/3300mAH or one 18650 Steel shell battery 40A 
DC 5V 2A fast chargeautomatic current limiting charging for small current adapter normal charge as Input voltage below 6.0V6.0-30V Do not damage the battery.

After 15 months of research and development,AETHON are about to launch its own TC products aethon TC100 .
This product is equipped with a aethon TC100 chip, with the advanced technology that AETHON is proud of. Les us look at the technology in details.
1. Ultra low static power consumption.
Average static power 50uA.. That is to say, 75 years later, this product can still be working. For circuit design, such low power consumption, can let the engineers do what they want in the static state without considering the power consumption of the device.
2. Precision temperature control
AETHON has been on the research of temperature control (TC), but does not make TC products. The first priority is to do an accurate temperature measurement and TC products (DNA's products are good, but the price of imports is too expensive). Now the TC100 chip, the can measure temperature accuracy within ten degrees.The following chip advanced version of the temperature accuracy is likely to be within 2 degrees.
3. Conversion efficiency is extremely high
High conversion efficiency, energy consumption which is a lot less in other parts, can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the product Under normal working condition. The aethon TC100 is above 90%, and the maximum is 99%, which is an extremely high conversion rate.
4. DC output, smooth curve
Direct current and pulse mode are two different working ways, but it is a totally different experience for the electronic cigarette products. In the process of atomizing lampblack, pulse form is the output graphics which are sharply serrated, and the temperature fluctuates. DC way can show a smooth curve and the temperature changes evenly, the user’s experience is very good.

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